2 Ways To Feel Safe If You're Going To Live Alone

If you're about to live on your own and are concerned that you might not feel as safe as you would if you were living with other people, here are some things you can do to make your solo living experience feel safer.

Get security doors

One of the best investments you could make in this situation is to purchase security doors for the property you'll be living in. There are several reasons why having these doors could make you feel better about living alone. Firstly, even if someone were to target your home due to them knowing that you live alone, it's highly unlikely that that person would be successful in their efforts to get into the property. This is because security doors not only have multiple locks that are more sophisticated than standard doors, but are also far more robust (meaning that even if the intruder had tools with them, they would still struggle to open one of these doors).  As such, having these doors mean that you'd be far less likely to have to deal with an intruder in your home whilst you're on your own.

Secondly, even if the would-be intruder was very determined and persisted in trying to break open one of these doors even after realising that it was a specialist security door, you would still have ample time to call for help, alert your neighbours and generally make the type of racket that would scare them off and ensure that you wouldn't be alone in their presence for very long. Merely knowing how secure these doors are and how much they'll reduce the chances of you having to come face-to-face with an intruder by yourself could make you feel safer about living alone.

Get peepholes for your exterior doors

Another way to make your solo living experience feel safer is to put peepholes on each of your exterior doors. A peephole will give you the opportunity to safely look beyond your exterior door, when someone knocks on it, and check if, for example, they're behaving suspiciously. This is important as, if you live alone and you answer the door to a violent person, there won't be anyone else in your home who can come and help you.

Using a peephole is an even safer option than using a door chain, as there is no possibility of the person on the other side of the door being able to reach out and hurt you like they would if you partially opened the door whilst keeping the chain on. If the security doors you order do not have inbuilt peepholes and you want to install this feature in each of them, you should ensure that you get them fitted by a tradesperson, to ensure that the installation does not compromise the condition and effectiveness of the security doors.