6 Ways to Maintain Your Garage Doors

Maintaining your garage door is not as difficult as it may seem. In fact, with just a few simple steps, you can keep your garage door looking and working great for years to come. Check out these six ways to maintain your garage door below!

1. Inspect the door for any visible damage and repair if necessary

It's essential to regularly inspect your garage door for signs of wear and tear. If you see any dents, cracks or holes in the garage door, it's time for some quick repairs. Even what looks like small amounts of damage can lead to more significant problems with your door so take care of any minor issues before they become larger and more costly ones.

2. Keep the tracks properly lubricated

A possible cause of a garage door malfunction is the tracks not being properly lubricated. A lack of lube can cause the runners to jam up during operation. When this happens, your garage will be noisy and difficult to open or close, which can be very frustrating.

3. Clean the tracks and rollers regularly

For best results, clean your tracks before lubricating them. You can use a vacuum cleaner with an extension hose that will help reach every part of the tracks. A stiff-bristled paintbrush or toothbrush also works well for scrubbing away dirt without damaging the track or roller. If you find any debris lodged in between rollers, don't worry. Just use some needle-nose pliers to remove it carefully.

4. Install weather stripping around the door frame

Keep moisture and insects entering your garage by installing weather stripping around the door frame. You can buy this type of product at any home repair or hardware store. Door sweeps are another great option that will keep out unwanted pests and help reduce drafts in colder climates.

5. Check if your garage door is balanced

If you notice the door makes more noise when opening or closing, it might be time to check its balance. A balanced door reduces stress on the springs and motor, so they last longer and work more efficiently. In addition, some people choose to adjust their spring tension every so often if they live in particularly warm or cold climates where extreme temperatures put more strain on parts.

6. Have a professional inspect and service your garage door

Garage doors are complicated things that have many moving parts that need to work in perfect harmony with one another. If you want your garage door to stay functional, have a professional conduct periodic inspections. Doing so is especially important for those who live in locations where the extremes of heat or cold could potentially damage your garage doors. 

For more information on garage doors, contact a company near you.