Tips for Getting a Fire Safety Statement for Your Business

You might know a little something about fire safety, especially if you have installed things like smoke detectors in your business. However, you might not know much about fire safety statements, but this is definitely something that you'll want to learn about. These are a few tips that you should know about when getting a fire safety statement for your business.

Get a Statement Once Per Year

You could be wondering how frequently you should get a fire safety statement for your business. Typically, it is recommended to get a fire safety statement at least once per year. You can check your local requirements to find out about this, or you can call a fire safety inspector to inquire about how frequently these statements are needed.

Make Sure You're Prepared for the Inspection

Ideally, you'll want to make sure that everything goes well when you have your fire safety inspection done so that you can get a fire safety statement as quickly and with as few problems as possible. Therefore, you should check out your local fire safety requirements and make sure that you are in compliance. You should be able to contact your local building code office or fire safety office for more information about the fire safety steps that you are supposed to take in your place of business. You may need to hire a professional to help you with installing the necessary fire safety equipment and materials in your business both so that you can pass your inspection and so that you can help ensure that your building is as fire-safe as possible.

Have the Inspection Done By the Right Person

Make sure that you have your fire safety inspection done by the right person. It should be done by someone who is certified to perform fire safety inspections and who is certified to provide fire safety statements.

Make Sure You Submit the Paperwork

When your business has been inspected by a qualified inspector and has been proven to be up to your local fire safety codes, you should be eligible for a fire safety statement. This is a certificate that you might need to turn in to your local building code office or another similar office, so make sure that you find out about this and submit your certificate so that you can be compliant with fire safety regulations in your area. You may want to submit it to your insurance company, too, since this might help you score some type of discount on your insurance rates.

For more information, contact a company that provides annual fire safety statements.