Garage Door Replacement: Three Important Precautions for Proper Installation

Installing a new garage door is a challenging process. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a contractor to handle the replacement project. Keep in mind that these units are quite heavy, and the overall design can be fairly complicated. If you are not familiar with the installation, you could make mistakes during setup. Placement oversights could result in a faulty and malfunctioning garage door and subsequently, dangerous accidents. A garage door contractor will make sure that the placement promotes safe and efficient operation. In addition to engaging a professional, here are some precautions to remember for safe garage door installation.

Inspect the New Garage Door

You should plan on inspecting the new garage door before commissioning installation. This process will help you ensure that you have the correct feature for your property. It is important to note that garage doors are available in diverse brands and models. However, the performance of these units is not homogenous. Therefore, you must not compromise on your chosen product. It is also prudent to assess the condition of the door in case there is undiscovered damage to the structure. For instance, poor handling could have resulted in significant denting. If there are anomalies, consult your vendor for a replacement. Additionally, check on your automatic opener. Make sure that you have the right motor to match the acquired door.

Check Out the Door Framing

The door framing must be capable of supporting the new garage unit. When you remove the old garage door, you should check on the condition of the supporting frames. If you have an old door that has not received adequate maintenance over the years, the framing might be in a poor state. For instance, wooden door frames tend to rot without care. If you install the new door without improving these components, failure could occur. Therefore, it is advisable to plan on repairing or replacing the frames. The right approach will depend on the level of damage or deterioration. For example, if there is rotting or termite damage, replace the entire feature.

Test the Door Hardware

It is essential to ensure that the hardware is working optimally after the installation of the garage door. Simply speaking, the hardware is designed to secure the large unit and promote ideal support. However, it is not uncommon for the components to fail due to improper fastening and tensioning. Therefore, you should discuss thorough testing of the hardware with your garage door contractor before commissioning the use of the new feature.