Security Screen Door: Choosing the Right Mesh for Your Home

If you are planning on purchasing and installing a security screen door, you must consider some critical factors before choosing the ideal product. One of the important but often overlooked aspects is the quality of the mesh. If the mesh is not strong enough, it will not be able to withstand mechanical stress. Therefore, your home will be vulnerable even if the framing is solid and the locking mechanism is resilient. If you are selecting a screen door for the first time, you should evaluate the below factors for an ideal security mesh.

Construction Material

The material is a critical determinant of the strength of the mesh in the security screen door. Therefore, you should check and compare the different materials on the market before making a decision. Under ideal circumstances, you should opt for stainless steel mesh for your door. Stainless steel is strong and long lasting, even under high strain. It will not tear easily, and this makes it a suitable choice for protecting the home against robbers and burglars.

You should also note that stainless steel is not susceptible to rusting. Its lifespan will not be shortened in harsh climatic conditions. This stainless steel woven mesh can be found in both aluminium and steel-framed doors. Aluminium meshes are available on the market, but their strength is not comparable to stainless steel. 

Surface Treatment

You should inquire about the treatment used to protect the security mesh in the doors from chemical degradation. In general, stainless steel and aluminium will resist rusting and corrosion in most conditions, including humid environments. However, if they are installed in marine surroundings or industrial areas, they will be susceptible to oxidation and general deterioration. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the surfaces are coated for protection. Powder coatings are ideal for protecting the mesh. The coating is appealing, and it will protect the metal from adverse elements.

Mesh Count

Finally, you should check the mesh count of the different security screen doors on the market before purchase. The mesh count refers to the number of strands of woven metal per unit area. Tightly woven meshes are more resilient and will provide tough protection against mechanical stress. Also, the screen will prevent the infiltration of pests. On the other hand, wider meshes will allow more natural light and air into the house. You should make a detailed comparison before choosing your perfect security door.