How to Choose the Best Glass Doors for Your Home

Large glass doors for your patio area can allow in lots of light and create an open and welcoming environment, both inside and outside the home. Glass can also be more secure than you might think, as toughened or thickened glass is extremely difficult to break, and the right framing for the glass, along with some heavy-duty locks, can make those doors very difficult to pry open. When you're ready to replace glass doors, note a few tips on how to choose the right ones for your home.


Before you choose the glass for the door, consider the framing. Wood is very traditional and can work well if you have lots of wood features in the home, but it might clash with exterior aluminium siding. It can also be difficult to match wood framing with a wood deck.

Aluminium is very durable and resistant to corrosion and rust, so it's good in tropical areas or if you have a pool and some sprays of water might make their way to the doorframe. Steel can be cut in very thin frames because of its added strength, and this can mean the most uninterrupted view outside the doors when they're closed.


Choose toughened glass if your doors are at risk for vandalism or damage. These will also offer the most sound insulation from noisy neighbours or a busy roadway. Tinted glass will offer some shade inside without completely blocking the view to the outside.

Door style and hardware

If you don't have the clearance for swing-out doors, but don't want folding, accordion-style doors, choose what are called slider French doors. These open in the middle, but the doors slide to each side, along a track, rather than swinging open. If you do choose French doors, or any type of swing-out, hinged doors, you want to include a type of locking hinge that won't allow the door to slam shut if it gets hit by a strong wind.

The size of door and frame material will also affect the hardware that you will need to have installed; large, swing-out doors will need large hinges to support their weight, so you might opt for something purposely oversized and decorative. This might include a large plate around the hinges so the metal looks attractive and not just functional. Because swing-out doors may be easier to actually kick open than sliding doors, have a thick deadbolt installed if you choose this style.