4 Reasons Shower Screens Are Better Than Curtains

If you've got a combined bath and shower, you're probably wondering whether a shower screen or shower curtain is the better choice for keeping your bathroom dry. Screens and curtains both have their pros and cons, but shower screens are superior in a number of key ways. In most cases, they look better, are easier to clean, offer more flexible, and are less likely to get covered in mould. Read on for all the details on why you should choose a shower screen for your bathroom.

They're Easier to Clean 

If you've ever had a shower curtain before, you'll know what a hassle they are to clean. Attempting to wipe the fabric clean can work if you really stay on top of things, but you'll still need to periodically take down the curtain and wash it properly. If you don't stay on top of cleaning, you'll probably find yourself splashing out on new curtains more often than you'd like. Shower screens are much easier to keep clean. Special shower sprays can be applied after each use to keep grime at bay and make your regular cleaning a breeze. For a thorough deep clean, just use your regular glass cleaner.

They Can Fit into Awkward Spaces 

If your bathroom is unusually shaped, you'll struggle to find a shower curtain that's the right size and doesn't let water escape or trail along the floor. A glass shower screen can be cut to size and made to fit perfectly in any gap, so there won't be any leaks. This makes screens ideal if your bath is located in an alcove, an attic room or any area with an unusually-shaped wall or ceiling.

There's Less Risk of Mold and Mildew 

Shower curtains seem to attract mold and mildew like it's their job. Ugly stains instantly transform even the prettiest shower curtain into an eyesore, and having mold present in the bathroom isn't healthy. By avoiding fabric altogether and sticking with a glass shower screen, mould and mildew won't be an issue.

They Look More Modern

In the vast majority of cases, shower curtains look dated and old-fashioned. A sleek panel of glass can instantly transform any bathroom from old-fashioned and drab to modern and chic. You won't have to worry about an ugly shower curtain detracting from your other design choices, and glass blends in so seamlessly that it helps small bathrooms appear larger.