Why Your Home's Garage Door Is More Important Than You Realise

As a homeowner, you probably never give much thought to the home's garage door, at least not until it fails to open, begins banging or creaking loudly when it opens, or is severely damaged and needs replacement. However, the quality of your home's garage door is more important than you may realise, which is why it's vital that you take your time to shop and compare door materials when you need a new one, rather than just buying the cheapest one you can find. Note a few considerations about garage doors you may have overlooked, so you know the important features to look for when shopping:


You may never consider that your garage needs insulation, as it's probably not heated or has an air conditioning vent. However, insulation is vital for protecting the items you have stored in your garage. Very cold or extremely hot weather will prematurely drain a car battery and batteries to other electric equipment. Without proper insulation, the garage may allow in humidity, which causes premature rusting of your car, tools, and sporting goods. A thick garage door, or one with layers of insulating material between steel skins, will help reduce the risk of this damage.


You may not think much of the value of the tools, bikes, and other items you have stored in the garage, but imagine having to replace them after a theft, and how that cost would easily add up. Choose a thick, steel door for security, or consider an added inside lock to keep the door as secure as possible.


You may not think much of the durability of a garage door, but note that safety can be an issue; when chains and springs fail, the door can slam shut, risking an injury or damage to your vehicle. The door may also get stuck open so that your items inside are not secure; this can also be unsafe for your home, if you have an attached garage, as the garage might be an entry point for thieves and intruders.

To avoid these risks, always consider the durability of a garage door when shopping, and invest in something made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials with heavy-duty hardware. Avoid overly cheap doors and low-quality materials that can soon rust, discolour or that easily suffers dents and dings. Lightweight chains or springs can also get pulled out of place and not hold the door steady during operation, so ensure these are thick, strong, and durable.