Easy But Important Tips for Maintaining Your Home's Garage Door

A high-quality garage door should be very durable and strong, and work to open and close smoothly without any issues or hesitation, for many years, even decades. Maintaining the door properly will help to ensure its long lifespan, and help you to avoid unnecessary repair bills.

Unfortunately, many homeowners overlook the maintenance and everyday upkeep of a garage door, so that it does break down sooner than it should, or it may then have issues with its operation that could otherwise be avoided. Note a few easy but important tips for maintaining your home's garage door and for putting off those repair bills as long as possible!


One common reason for needing a garage door service is that dust, dirt, rust and other debris will get caught in the rollers and the track of the door itself, getting in the way of the door's movement. To clean these areas, start with a stiff broom and broom away any cobwebs or dust that might be collecting inside of the door. Bring your garden hose inside the garage and give the rollers and tracks a good spray, including the track along the door frame, if you have a roller or sectional door. Use a bit of pressure to remove any built-up mud, and use a hot water power washer if there is any oil or grease along the door tracks or rollers.

Check the frame

If the frame that your garage door runs along becomes bent or uneven for any reason, this can put pressure on the chains or spring that lift and lower the door. The door itself can then also become uneven and damaged. It's good to check the frame regularly, using a carpenter's level, and note any areas that need straightening. You can usually do this with a simple pair of pliers, pulling the frame into position and making it straight and even again.


Lubricating the garage door rollers will help it to move along easily; however, many homeowners make the mistake of lubricating the track as well. This can actually cause too much slippage, which then puts undue stress on the chains and springs that open the door.

To maintain these tracks, use a cleaner meant for car brakes instead; this cleaner will remove any flecks of rust and other such debris that can't be cleaned with the broom and hose mentioned above. It will provide just enough lubrication for the door to move without the risk of it slipping out of place.