Not All Security Doors and Gates Are Alike!

A security door or gate can be just what you need to add security to your home's entryway without a complicated and expensive alarm system. Security screens also allow you to keep the inside door open when you're home, without worrying about someone easily opening a flimsy, lightweight screen door. Whatever your needs for a security door or gate, you need to understand the differences in your options so you're sure to choose the best one for your home.

Steel versus aluminium

You might assume that you want a strong steel door or gate for maximum security, but note that steel is much heavier than aluminium; for a screen door, you may need to strengthen the home's doorway so it's strong enough to hold that weight. This can add to the time and cost of the door's installation. A steel gate can also be quite heavy, which might increase the risk injury if the gate should get away from you while it's being opened and closed. The gate may even be too heavy for young children to manage safely and easily.

While aluminium is more lightweight, this doesn't mean it's easy to bend or cut by a potential intruder. The aluminium used for security screens and gates is thick and durable, and twisted or square bars used for security gates are very difficult to cut through or bend out of place. Aluminium also doesn't rust, so it's a very low-maintenance choice for any external door or gate.


For a security screen door, you may need to choose between a mesh, a perforated sheet, or grilles. A mesh is just as it sounds; strands of steel or aluminium are woven together, making mesh the strongest choice for a security screen, with the smallest openings. A perforated sheet starts as a solid sheet of metal, and holes are then punched through it. This is also a very strong choice, and it also means larger openings in the screen, for more light and air circulation.

Grilles are large strands of aluminium that are bent repeatedly and then joined together, creating a diamond pattern. Grilles are often formed into the largest screen pattern, and may allow the most light and air to pass through the door. However, they may not offer as much protection against flies, wasps, and other small insects that might get into the home through the screen. Opt for grilles if you need lots of light but aren't worried about bugs and pests.