Some of the Most Commonly Asked Questions About Security Screen Doors

Security doors are a good choice for any home, as they add a layer of security and protection around the entryway doors, but they're especially good for those who are home during the day. A security screen door allows you to open the inside storm door and let in more light and air, while still keeping the home locked up tight. These doors also help to keep out bugs, scorpions, lizards, snakes, and other unwanted pests! If you're thinking about installing security screen doors at your home, note a few commonly asked questions about these doors and this will tell you if they're the right option for you.

Are they heavy?

Security screen doors may be somewhat heavier than standard screen doors, simply because they're often made with stainless steel or with a type of thick, insulating foam between two layers of aluminium. However, this doesn't mean that security doors are as heavy as doors to a commercial building, which are often made with heavy, toughened glass. Security screen doors should be very manageable for anyone, even children and those with physical limitations, including arthritis or muscle weakness. If you are worried about the weight of the door, opt for PVC or vinyl, which are both very lightweight yet very durable.

What repairs do they need?

Because security doors are meant to be durable, they rarely need maintenance, other than an occasional tightening of their connectors that hold the door to the frame. Aluminium is naturally resistant to corrosion, and steel doors are coated with a type of protective material, usually zinc, to keep them from rusting.

Because they are exposed to the elements, the powder coating over metal doors may fade over time, and you may need a new application of this coating to restore its colour. Otherwise, the doors should last for many years, if not decades, before they need any type of major repair or replacement.

Do security doors always look so dark?

If you've ever seen a security screen door that lets in very little light, it was probably outfitted with a very small mesh screen. The smaller the mesh, the fewer bugs that can get through it, and the less likely it is that someone can slide bolt cutters through the screen to cut it. However, this also means less light gets through! There is a variety of mesh sizes available for security screen doors, so if you want lots of sunlight when the inside door is open, compare those sizes and choose something that would work for you.